About Me


Welcome to Bremen!

My name is Anke Hoffmann. As a former Expat with a lot of work experience abroad I know what it means to settle far from home in a foreign country and familiarise myself and my family with its culture. I also know how it feels to repatriate after many years abroad.

As a certified engineer in clothing technology, I started work as a garment technician for a German company in Hong Kong and South-China. After changing jobs I moved in 1994 to Hong Kong, where I worked for several years at a German mail order company in quality assurance.

During this time I met my husband, we got married and started a family. In 2003 we returned to Germany, and have lived in Bremen since 2005.

This experience, coupled with my understanding of the local information and support that are important at the beginning to ease settling, are the reasons why I founded reloc-in-bremen.

Both relocating and repatriation require organisation. There are always many considerations and decisions to be made. Beside the search for a new home, school, kindergarten and the managing of the removal, a fast integration into a daily routine is an important start.

It takes time to integrate and to build up structures for daily life. Often it is the small details that help a lot to ease everyday life. These are often missing, or not easy to find for new-arrivals.

It is my intention to provide an individual and comprehensive relocation service and to make sure that new arrivals settle easily and feel at home in Bremen.