Basic service package:

  • Preliminary talk / questionnaire
  • Information about living environment
  • Support in applying for telephone and internet connections
  • Information about transport connections and public transport system
  • Car-registration and vehicle inspection sticker (TÜV)
  • Banking: opening an account, implementing payment transactions for day to day use
  • Support with public authorities and for registration and applications (e.g. child allowance)
  • Information about health insurance
  • Information about waste disposal
  • Help in finding the best schools and kindergartens
  • Leisure facilities, addresses of sport and hobby clubs


Additional packages:

  • Sight-seeing tour of Bremen:
    Tailored tour in the centre of Bremen with lots of information about the city and details about important places to go for newcomers.
  • “Look-and-See” Tour:
    Exploring the local environment, transport connections, way to work / school / kindergarten, supermarkets, weekly markets and other shopping facilities, banks, post office, doctors surgeries, pharmacies, leisure facilities and more.
  • Professional integration:
    For example, recognition of training qualifications, obligation to provide certification and supporting documents, help with job hunting (e.g. preparing CVs and applications)
  • How and where can I learn German?
    Help finding the best language schools or language classes.
  • Pet packages:
    Information about vaccinations and quarantine, dog license fee, leash duty, vets and clinics, addresses of pet hotels / kennels, catteries etc., addresses of pet sitters, pet schools, pet trainers
  • General support in all matters of daily life

All the above listed services are examples and can be tailored to meet the client’s individual needs. An agreement about frequent follow-up support is possible (e.g. meeting every 2 weeks over a period of 3-4 months) so that it is possible to exchange experiences, answer questions and to clarify unsettled matters. This can be carried on until the client feels confident and settled in and has started his own social network.